August 6, 2022

How to hide Fleksy Keyboard top row

Fleksy Keyboard

I’ve been using this trick for along time since they have updated the Fleksy Keyboard to the new UI and they stopped allowing people to hide the top bar, and the reason according to them

Since version 10.0.1 of Fleksy, it is not possible to remove the top bar. Fleksy’s keyboard top bar is necessary for word suggestions, emoji suggestions, and Fleksyapps access.

Fleksy Team

Honestly, this is invalid reason for me because now everyone wants the suggestions, which made me think, there has to be a way, so I spent couple of hours searching and nothing really worked, EXCEPT one thing and it was really simple.

so how can you do that, this trick works on Android phones only since Apple won’t allow iPhone users to download from external sources unless it was jail broke.

So, Let’s start

first head to APK mirror website, you might ask if is it safe and the answers is yes, you can refer to this page where it explains the reason very well, the other way to make sure that it’s safe, you can go to google play and you can see the app has been installed after you install it.

now, let’s search for the fleksy keyboard and download the version 9.8.9 exactly, not anything else that is higher ( don’t worry we will update it, just bear with me), for me that version worked so it’s up to you.

Install the app on your phone, don’t forget that you need to allow unknown source from the developer settings.

now open the app, head to the settings and enable ‘Swipe to hide Extensions’

Then you need to add a new extension like emoji after you add it, swipe the top bar to the left to get to the next tool and then swipe down on the keyboard to get the hiding option.

then head to google play and update the app, and Voila, you got it, all the future updates will be just fine.

you can also bring the row by swiping up and hiding it again by swiping it down.

I hope you liked this tip.

and this is a video that explains it in details in case you had any problems.

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