November 30, 2022

Solutions To Some Of Liv Bank Issues

Resetting liv bank password is not an easy task and usually annoying, you might face issues like i usually do, so here’s a list of the issues that i will add to over time with the solutions of course.

1. Reset Password If you Forgot the Security Questions

2. Reset Security Questions Link Is not opening

Reset Password If you Forgot the Security Question

usually resetting the password is a simple procedure if you remember the security questions, but if you’re like me who doesn’t link to put personal information as security questions, and prefers to use random characters like a password, then this will be an issue, but here’s how you can reset it if you forgot the security questions.

first of all, you need to click on “Forgot your sign in details”

then it will ask for your email

After that, it will send you a code on your phone number, or you can enter the liv card details in case you don’t have access to your phone.

After you enter your OTP, it will ask you the answers about the security questions.

All you have to do is to put random answers and pressing Next until you max out your tries and then you can click on reset security questions and you will receive a link that will let reset your password and security questions too

This issue is a bit weird, not sure why it happened but there you go.

the problem is the link being sent will look like this “https://www.livbanking.com/LIV/api/questions?reference=some_random_string”

although both links www.livbanking.com and livbanking.com are registered under the app, it doesn’t detect it.

but if you copy the same link and remove the “www.” part, submit the link, it will probably show 404 but click on the menu in the browser, then “open in” and you should see liv app in the list.

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