Pentesting Fundamentals Solution

Pentesting Fundamentals will give you information about the type of hackers in the world, along with some information on different approaches for pentesting.

You can access the level directly from here

This level is very easy and it’s based ion information that you can read on the level’s page, so we will just provide the answers.

You are given permission to perform a security audit on an organisation; what type of hacker would you be?

White Hat

You attack an organisation and steal their data, what type of hacker would you be?

Black Hat

What document defines how a penetration testing engagement should be carried out?

Rules of Engagement

What stage of penetration testing involves using publicly available information?

Information Gathering

If you wanted to use a framework for pentesting telecommunications, what framework would you use? Note: We’re looking for the acronym here and not the full name.


What framework focuses on the testing of web applications?


You are asked to test an application but are not given access to its source code – what testing process is this?

Black Box

You are asked to test a website, and you are given access to the source code – what testing process is this?

White Box

Complete the penetration test engagement against ACME’s infrastructure.


And that’s all for Pentesting Fundamentals.