Linux Function Hooking Solution

Linux Function Hooking teaches you on how Linux deals with shared library and how can someone manipulate Linux to execute a different library instead of the original one.

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What is the name of the dynamic linker/loader on linux? ,*

What environment variable let’s you load your own shared library before all others? 


Which file contains a whitespace-separated list of ELF shared objects to be loaded before running a program?


If both the environment variable and the file are employed, the libraries specified by which would be loaded first?

environment variable

How many arguments does write() take?


Which feature test macro must be defined in order to obtain the  definitions  of RTLD_NEXT from <dlfcn.h>


When compiling our code to produce a Shared Object, which flag is used to create position independent code?


Can hooking libc functions affect the behavior of Python3? (Yay/Nay)


There are two mandatory fields of a dirent structure. One is d_name, and the other one is?


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