May 28, 2021

Test Your Email and Client’s Privacy

There are a lot of ways where Someone can track you , and what’s better than getting your IP address so here’s how you can test your email privacy.

One of the ways where someone can get your IP is by sending you an email, Yes! just an email and he can get hold of your IP, This email is specially drafted where all it takes is for you to open it and voila! the attacker has your IP address.

But how can you know if this way is working on either your business email , email server, personal email or even on your email client? well, the easiest way is to check a website called Email Privacy Tester.

All you have to do, is to go there, put your email and it will send an email with confirmation just to make sure that you own the email otherwise anyone can use the service to track the victim.

After you confirm the email, you just have to click on “Send Test Email”, the service will send you an email and all you have to do is to open it.

Now, as you can see, there are a lot of methods that the tester uses in order to try to track you, if any method worked, it will turn red, also, you can see your IP address on the same page meaning the tracker worked fine.

Email Privacy Tester Results.

you can click on each one of the options and it will show you the method it used to get your IP address , for example:

CSS background Tracking Method

Now After you got the results of your Email Privacy , you can modify your options / settings to fix the privacy leak that might occur to you or to your users.