Extensions for Privacy and Security – Part 2

We continue the list of extensions that enhance the user’s privacy and security for day to day browsing without breaking sites or limiting the functionality of the browser, you can check the first list from here.

so let’s continue with the following list

FireFox MultiContainer

as the name suggests this is a plugin for Firefox only where it allows to have multiple containers that separate the data between each other along with separating cookies and other meta data that can be shared between the tabs which makes trackers such as Google and Facebook have a hard time tracking your and your browsing habits.

the plugin is very simple and easy to use as you can select the container you want to open and it will be colored to distinguish between them easily.

you can also add your own containers in case you want to customize them.

you can get it for Firefox from Here

User-Agent Switcher and Manager

as the name suggests, user agent switcher and manager allows you change the user agent where you can choose from different browsers, operating systems

User-Agent Switcher and Manager

the cool thing about this plugin is that you can apply the changes on a container, domains (from settings) or globally.

you should really consider it as it will add a simple level of anonymity to not knowing what is your browser nor your operating system.

you can get it on Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera


blur is an amazing extension that gives you privacy over different websites along with being a password managers for your account.

the basic functionality that i like to use with blur is to mask emails, where it provides you a masked email of your original email address to signup to websites that you want which will secure your email in case that services was hacked and a data breach happened also you can unsubscribe with emails easily and guarantee that your email won’t go between the scammers or advertisers in case that website decided to sell its database. (although you can use 10 mins email services, which i prefer more if i want to signup for one time website)

the paid version allows you to mask your credit card along with your phone number, you can check the pricing from here.

the extension is available for Firefox , chrome, edge , opera

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Duckduckgo is amazing search engine for your privacy ( although you probably won’t get what you’re looking for as easily as using google but it’s not that bad), this plugin will block the trackers along with grading the site from A-F for your privacy on that site.

it will also force HTTPS version of the website just as HTTPS everywhere that we mentioned in the previous post, the default settings are fair enough, also you can add a list of unprotected sites in case you don’t want duckduckgo to block anything on it.

you can download it on chrome , Firefox and you can check their apps from here.

These two lists are more than enough for day to day usage on browsing the internet, we will be a bit more restrict with the next posts about plugins also we will add couple of posts to enhance the security and privacy for every browser.