Bandit Level 17 Solution

Bandit level 17 is very simple and teaches you how to get different between two files.

Since we got the private SSH key from the previous level, we use it to login into the machine

ssh -i private_key_16 -p 2220

now the password is the line that is different between password.old file and, to get the different we will use a command called “diff”, where you give it two files and it will display what is different between them.

diff passwords.old 

and you should get the following results

< w0Yfolrc5bwjS4qw5mq1nnQi6mF03bii
> kfBf3eYk5BPBRzwjqutbbfE887SVc5Yd

since was the second argument passed, then the password for the next level will be